sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Ufff ,Arouse all her senses during sex

How to become a sensual sex legend

The Orgy Issue – out now

To celebrate Men's Health's Orgy Issue (out now) this week's newsletter stories are all about maximising pleasure. Read on for tips on how to sate every sense for the ultimate sexual experience.

Coital calibration

When it comes to your most memorable sexual experiences, instinct is often king, with the sporadic nature of the night in question intrinsic to its magic. Meticulously planning your activities between the sheets might seem a cold flannel to passion. After all, nothing kills the mood quite like retreating from an embrace to fiddle with less receptive hot buttons: those on your clapped-out CD player. However, through just a little forethought you can create the ultimate sensual sexual experience. By calibrating conditions to overload every one of the five senses, you and her will enjoy a night like no other...Read more -->

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