viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Natalie Cassidy loses 3st after split from Adam Cottrell

Natalie Cassidy's slimmed down again to a size 10 since her traumatic break-up with fiancé Adam Cottrell in May.
The ex-EastEnders actress has clothes in her wardrobe from a size 6 to a 16, but Natalie's finally happy with her size 10 shape.
'I had my boobs done when I was 22 and much bigger all over,' says Natalie, 28.
'I went from an A cup to a D cup to be in proportion. I am smaller all over now, so my boobs do look bigger - but I'm not complaining.
'Who moans about huge knockers and a tiny waist?'

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July 2011 Prev Next Enrique Iglesias: I have the smallest penis in the world

Joker Enrique Iglesias shocked thousands of Australian fans this week when he appeared to admit (again!) that he's got a very modest manhood.
The heartthrob singer was performing a concert in Melbourne - which he almost had to call off because he was suffering from a fever - when he burst into his 20-minute confession.
'I have the smallest penis in the world,' Enrique, 36, told the audience at Rod Laver Arena. 'I'm serious.'
And the Spanish hunk reckons he's rubbish in the sack, too, claiming: 'I don't even last 8 minutes.'
Enrique has spoken about having a todger complex before, but then insisted he was only joking.

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David Beckham NAKED! Phwoar... r

Look! David Beckham's naked!
We don't need an excuse to see him stripped down, but luckily we have one.
The good folk at H&M have very kindly invited Becks to create a range of men's bodywear.
The bad news is that we'll have to wait till 2 February 2012 for it to hit 1,800 H&M stores in 40 countries around the world.
David reveals - see what we did there? - 'Over the past year, I've been developing my Bodywear Range with my team and I'm extremely positive about what we have designed and produced.'
And luckily for us, the collection is so top secret that while we wait, Becks has posed for these steamy shots stripped bare!

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Cher Lloyd: Girls Aloud's music is too cheesy for me

Cher Lloyd has laughed off the suggestion she was a Girls Aloud fan growing up.
The X Factor runner-up was mentored by - and grew close to - Cheryl Cole during her time on the show, but it wasn't the Geordie singer's band's pop tunes that inspired Cher.
'I didn't listen to Girls Aloud growing up, no way,' Cher tells The Guardian. 'Too cheesy, man! I listened to grime, garage, bashment.'
Cher has since lost contact with Cheryl, 28, who's been working hard to try and launch her career in America.
But the 18-year-old remains close to her fellow X Factor 2010 rejects Mary Byrne and Katie Waissel.
'Cher texts them both a lot,' reveals Now's source.

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Mitch Winehouse hands out Amy's clothes to fans because 'it's what she would've wanted'

Grieving Mitch Winehouse gave away late daughter Amy's clothes to fans outside her Camden home yesterday.
The cab driver and part-time singer was joined by Amy's mum Janis, brother Alex, boyfriend Reg Traviss and the some of the singer's staff to help clear out the £2.5m house.
'These are Amy's T-shirts,' Mitch, 60, told the crowds as he handed out her belongings. 'This is what she would have wanted - for her fans to have her clothes.
'Please keep listening to her music. God bless Amy Winehouse.'
Amy fan Brigitte Pividal was thrilled to get handed a red top by her idol's dad.
'I have been coming here every day since she died and I didn't expect this,' Brigitte, 52, told the Daily Mirror.
'I will cherish it all my life.'
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Pippa Middleton gives her name to thousands of little girls after Royal Wedding

Pippa Middleton became instantly famous at sister Kate's Royal Wedding to Prince William in April.
And she's been written about so much, new parents are now naming their baby daughters after the 27-year-old party planner.
Philippa, and its shortened version Pippa, is the fastest growing name for girls.
'The names Kate or Catherine and William increased in popularity thanks
to the Royal Wedding, but nowhere near as much as interest increased in Pippa,' Pamela Redmond Satran from online baby name site Nameberry, who conducted the 2011 study, tells the Daily Star.

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Cheryl Cole misses watching soaps and drinking tea with Ashley

Cheryl Cole loved just hanging out at home with cheating ex-husband Ashley.
And that's what she misses most about their life together.
Cheryl, 28, feels comfortable with the Chelsea star, 30.
‘The fact is, Ash is the only guy from the "old guard" of her life,' says a family insider.
'She's been with him so long she's forgotten how to be with anyone else and they're genuinely alike in many ways.
'They're both fairly shy and socially awkward, which is why Ash drinks like a fish whenever he's out and she prefers to stay in or just have friends over.
'She's not one for the high life and when they were together they'd spend hours in, just watching soaps and drinking tea.

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