sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Jajaja,Janice Dickinson: Katie Price is a rude bitch

Former model says Jordan talked over her during TV interview

Janice Dickinson isn't a fan of Katie Price.

The former model thinks that the reality star, aka Jordan, needs to learn some manners.

'She's a rude bitch,' says Janice. 'I met her at Alan Carr's chat show.

'She and her husband [Alex Reid] talked all the way through my part. I didn't make a peep when her cagefighting husband with his cauliflower ears was on television.'

Janice, 55, reckons Katie, 31, felt intimidated by her.

'Maybe she's just jealous because I did Vogue,' she tells Metro. 'She only did Page Three.'
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