viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Cheryl Cole misses watching soaps and drinking tea with Ashley

Cheryl Cole loved just hanging out at home with cheating ex-husband Ashley.
And that's what she misses most about their life together.
Cheryl, 28, feels comfortable with the Chelsea star, 30.
‘The fact is, Ash is the only guy from the "old guard" of her life,' says a family insider.
'She's been with him so long she's forgotten how to be with anyone else and they're genuinely alike in many ways.
'They're both fairly shy and socially awkward, which is why Ash drinks like a fish whenever he's out and she prefers to stay in or just have friends over.
'She's not one for the high life and when they were together they'd spend hours in, just watching soaps and drinking tea.

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