lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Que buena esta Jordan Capri

Wepa aqui tiene otro cueraso que esta buena se llama  Jordan Capri espero que le guste ese bombosito

Jordan Capri is one of the cutest models the internet has to offer. She weighs less than 95 pounds and she's barely taller than 5 feet. To go with that tiny frame she has a beautiful face, beautiful brunette hair, and a penchant for getting naked and trying to turn on her members. She's also a fan of the ladies, so you'll see her kissing babes and eating pussy on more than a few occasions. Lastly, you can watch her honeymoon videos complete with hardcore sex The Queen Of Cute

Jordan Capri purple-nightie on
Jorda capri pa ti rosadita 
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